Quicken 2015 for Windows Update and Mondo Patch

Quicken for Windows
Quicken for Windows 2015

Updates for Quicken 2015 for Windows can be found here, when available.

Note: If you're a few updates behind, you only need to download the most recent update. You can check what release you are currently on by going to Help > About Quicken.

Download and Install the Latest Update (US Versions)

Manual Update

If you don't download financial updates from your bank or use Billpay, you can download the Manual update. 

Mondo Patch Update

If you are unable to update Quicken, or if you receive an error while updating, the Mondo Patch Update should help. The Mondo Patch Update is like a regular update, except it updates all Quicken files (whether updates are needed or not). Because of its size, this update can take a little longer to install.

Download the Mondo Patch Update (81.2MB)

Download the Manual Update (88.6MB)


  1. Click on the link above for the update you prefer (these steps apply to both).
  2. Choose to Save As, then browse to your desktop and save it there. If you get a prompt asking if you want to allow the program to make changes, you will need to allow.
  3. From your desktop, right-click the newly downloaded file QW2015R12Patch or QW2015R12MPatch and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  5. When finished, you can verify the release version of Quicken by selecting the Help menu in the software and choosing About Quicken.

Download and Install the Latest Update (Canadian Versions)

To download the Quicken Canada Manual Update, click here.

To download the Quicken Canada Mondo Patch Update, click here.


Release Notes

Release R12 (US Versions, 12/01/16)

  • FIXED: An error that would block 'Sign In' on a new data file in some situations.
  • FIXED: An issue where the 'Next' button was not enabled on the Registration screen, when signed in with an Intuit ID registered with non-US phone number.

Data File Password

  • IMPROVED: Introducing the ability to remove a forgotten File Password from a data file by answering security questions, creating a true in-product self-help solution.

Improved Customer Feedback Reporting

  • IMPROVED: Integrated with a new tool which allows customers to provide feedback on bank download connectivity. The new tool allows us to proactively work on fixing issues before you report them to us.


  • REVAMPED: A modern, self-service patching infrastructure which reduces download duration and reduces the frequency of patching errors.


For previous release notes, click here.