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You can change many aspects of the Quicken register to suit your own way of working.


  1. Click Edit on the top menu bar, then choose Preferences.
  2. In the left pane, click Register.
  3. In the right pane, select the settings you want to use.
    • Show date before check number
      Switches the positions of the Date and Num fields.
    • Show memo before category
      Switches the positions of the Memo and Category fields.
    • Automatically enter split data
      Select this option to be able to enter a transaction from the Split dialog.
    • Automatically place decimal point

      Enters the decimal point two places to the left when you are using Quicken's pop-up calculator in a cash flow register.

      Example: You enter 3478 on the pop-up calculator; Quicken records the amount as 34.78.

    • Row height

      Select your preferred row spacing option.

    • Gray reconciled transactions

      When you select this option, reconciled and cleared transactions appear slightly faded.

    • Remember register filters after Quicken closes

      When this option is selected, register filter settings remain as they are when you close Quicken.

    • Use pop-up registers

      When this option is selected, your registers will appear in their own windows, so you can view and work with more than one register at the same time.

    • Fonts

      Click Fonts to change the size and style of the typeface used in all registers and lists.

      Switch to a larger font size if you have trouble seeing smaller type. Change to a smaller font size to fit more characters on your screen.

      You can see an example of the text at the bottom of the window.

      Depending on how Quicken is set up, changing the font can also change the size of Quicken dialogs.

      To return to Quicken's default font setting, click Reset.

      Note: If you want the majority of text in Quicken to be larger, choose View menu > Use Large Fonts. The minimum recommended display resolution for large fonts is 1280x1024 for Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property, or 1280x800 for all other versions of Quicken.

    • Colors
      Click Colors to change register colors. For example, you might select different colors to visually distinguish between different types of registers, such as checking accounts and credit card accounts.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.
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