Why can't I add categories to my budget?

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When creating a budget, categories cannot be added and categories disappear from existing budgets.


Category groups organize your categories. For example, all of the categories related to your spending are grouped together in a category group called Personal Expenses. And all of the categories related to your income are grouped together in the Personal Income category group.


The issue occurs when the category group of any parent category is changed.  

Example: If the Bills & Utilities parent category is changed from the Expenses category group to the Income category group.

To resolve this issue

  1. Go to Tools > Category List and review your categories.

Why can't I add categories to my budget?

  1. Verify that your parent categories are listed under the correct category groups.
  2. If you find one listed under the incorrect category group, right-click the parent category and select Edit

Why can't I add categories to my budget?

  1. In the Edit Category screen, select the correct category group, then click Save.
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